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December 22, 1998, Cuba Free Press.


HAVANA - We journalists and collaborators of Cuba Free Press were authorized to celebrate Christmas this year, and we hope that you all have a merry Christmas!

During 1998 we have received not only the messages but waves of backing that YOU all sent in a tangible manner as well as through the tenuous language of the spirit. These contacts, this solidarity - they deserve more than the simple response of thanks.

Nevertheless, we have another formula that may deepen and invigorate our response of gratitude: More, stronger and better professional work on our part in 1999.

There is a certain mystery and beauty in the matter of receiving help, inspiration and affection from unknown worlds - if we are in agreement that every person constitutes a world.

To us, enveloped in the social and political crises which our country is enduring, at this end of the year and of this century, these signals that transcend the clouds do comfort and sustain us anew and make us strangely strong in the midst of an epidemic of dismay, desperation and obscurity.

I can not and don't like to make a list of names because it will leave somebody out. Yet I must mention Juan Antonio Granados, publisher of Cuba Free Press, who all these months has carried on the principal work and managed the transformation of the works that we send from the island every day.

For the journalist and writer Bernardo Marqués, all of us here have a special feeling because we know of his work in the anonymous and transcendental job as editor of our words.

And to mention but a few, I want to single out Milagros Velasco, Lourdes Arriete, Margarita del Valle, Otilia Marina, Ivonne Conde and many other volunteers who have made transcriptions and translations of our works. And special reference and thanks also should go to Alfonso Afonso, our lay-out director, and to George Holcomb and David Whitney, the editors who make possible the publication of our English tabloids.

Finally, our gratitude goes out to the generous people who have sent more than 300 donations which provide the financial assistance that we receive through Cuba Free Press. And to all those who back us and wish us a merry Christmas and a happy new year 1999. And especially to Rositica Cossio del Pino.

Thanks to all, again, and receive this note of thanks with the absolute certainty that in this new year, separate, we will be even more united!

From Havana, December 22, 1998.

Raul Rivero

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